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List of companies, shops, factories and art glass from Murano island. The best way to save money and be sure to purchase 's original glass without imitation and counterfeiting. Only products MURANO MADES IN ITALY-VENICE and selected by our staff to ensure the best quality connections and official websites.

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Made Murano original Beautiful crafts made in Murano glass. In this category you will find links to sites of factories and processing GLASS & ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE. The glass, a material that made the famous island of Murano in Venice along with the whole world!
Murano glass Murano glass
Murano glass chandeliers and lightings online shop. Worldwide shipping with Fedex, Paypal accepted. Each product is made in Murano, Italy, according to the long-term tradition of venetian glassmaking, handmaded by a master glassblower and manufactured using the traditional, one thousand years old technique.

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Andromeda Andromeda Murano
Wonderful Murano glass art in modern style. Products and furniture for hotels, homes and buildings of glass made by world famous designer. Andromeda merges the concepts of art, design and culture in all its luxury glasses, high-impact design and communication.

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Ars Murano shop Murano Ars
Exhibition and sale of beautiful and original art objects in Murano glass made by Italian designer wonderful: Elio Raffaeli, Roberto Cammozzo, Renzo Vianello, Mariano Moro, Mario Costantinicome. The ARS in addition to propose their own collections is also a center of artistic laboratory where they meet Italian and foreign artists who are achieving and realizing their creative and artistic ideas. Sculptures very colorful or classic crystals, from clean and simple.

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Seguso art glass Seguso original artistic glass
Original articles of luxury and high-quality art: lamps, vases, appliques, objects, lamps.

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Murano glass light Murano glass light
The company, specializing in the creation of tailored, and 'capable of executing any order to be conferred and, for this reason, he found his strength in close collaboration with designers, architects and interior designers. Particular pride and 'resulting from the implementation of significant contracts for hotels, museums, department stores and public spaces. At the same time, and 'can support the needs of the private client, creating the necessary relationship of trust and cooperation ahead of the ideal choice for your home. The creation of the work, entrusted to the hands of the best teachers of Murano is perfect reproduction, as the generation of design and choice of technology suitable glass.

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Busato shop glass Busato glasses
The Artistic Glassware Busato realizes his score for each an original work, a single piece of priceless artistic value. A rich collection of lamps and appliques, Flambeaux, vases, art glass sculptures and furnishing hand-made according to ancient tradition of blown Murano glass. Visit furnaces on-line, discover the works of Maestro, choose the chandelier or the artistic object that fits you and you can not find what you like to visit the section "ideas" to draw your chandelier of Murano and propose the Master.

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Murano art glass Murano store
Colored chandeliers and luxurious enrichment lighting from your life to your environment with our Murano chandeliers, synonymous with elegance, beauty, taste and quality unmatched. Take a look and an elegant charm to your furniture by choosing these precious items for interior directly from our online catalog. Only a Murano chandelier is a piece unique.

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By Murano Glass By Murano Glass
Online sales of glass objects in all certified by the mark of Murano glass art: vases, art glass, ashtrays, pocket, goccette for perfume, watches, plates, pendants, frames with murrine, supports cards, obelisks, portagioie, artistic lamps (floral , Monochrome, candelabra).

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Venixe Murano glass The Art of Murano Glass by Venixe
Murano Glass Brand - Informations, news, and products from finest selected Murano glass artists.

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