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Presentation of selected Internet sites dedicated to products such as the classic Venetian murrina and beautiful compositions of glass mosaic!

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The glass tiles Mosaic glass collecting ancient heritage and preserves the ancient techniques of decoration. The cards are square and perfectly smooth edges Chamfering and uniform color. The material is suitable for any surface, residential or commercial furniture and swimming pools. Particular transparency and copper are reflected in the series features the "buds" that are obtained by mixing glass with a cast stone semi-hard "the avventurina."
Glass mosaic Mosaics
Sale of beautiful murrine (Venetian mosaic of pearls), modern pendants, clocks, plates and ashtrays, pins, earrings, bracelets, fancy varies.

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Venetian mosaic Mosaic and venetian floor
Floors and terrace restoration of Venetian art and decorative mosaics made entirely by hand, antique Venetian on the floor and marble floors, anti treatments. Flooring made on the spot, entirely by hand with stone materials of many types and semiprecious stones (onyx, Murano glass, pearl, crystal and Sodalite), fragmented manually with the help of small hammers.

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Mosaic Dona Mosaics Dona
Beautiful and colorful mosaics Venetians. Make you a Venetian mosaic for internal or external. Beautiful colors of all hues and brightness. In June 2006 he opened the first shop devoted to this type of art.

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